Resident Art Showroom guide – V.

Tuesday August 16th, 2016

As is a used drawing desk or a found drawer board were exhibited in front of us. It is fooling of the eye similar to an altar from middle ages we can see a surface of a fiber bord with an accidental tear or split on a worn out drawing board – it is a contemporary painting. Benjamin Nagy often transforms daily articles for personal use into pieces of art and approaches them from a different perspective. But this time he dosen’t transform the object but he turns the process round and creates the illusion of the worn out object. In the artificial homogenous wooden surface a plenty of random details can be found so this way we can discover the multiplicity and partial in the completeness, and in the common the extraordinary. It is not accidental that the painters choice was an object which plays a main role in the artistic process.

[Benjamin Nagy: Surface – acrylic, canvas; 70×100 cm, 2016.]