1. General Conditions of Contract, Effect and Terms of Use

1.    This General Conditions of Contract (hereinafter referred to as: GCC) regulates the terms and conditions of the use of the Service Provider’s Website as well as the rights and obligations of the users (hereinafter: Customer) thereof.
2.    For the purpose of this GCC “Customer” means all natural persons, legal entities or unincorporated organizations that order goods or services through the website. Pursuant to the provisions of this GCC Consumers are persons who meet the requirements of Paragraph 8:1.(1) 3. of Act V. of 2013 on the Hungarian Civil Code.
3.    This GCC does not contain customized conditions for specific customers, however, separate agreements can be entered into with other sellers that are applicable to a specific transaction or deal.
4.    Unless otherwise provided in writing on this Website all products and services contained herein are subject to the terms and conditions of this GCC.
5.    No Code of Conduct is applicable to this Website and no such references are contained therein either. The Parties expressly exclude the possibility of applying any other General Conditions of Contract, including those that may be effective at the Customer. By way of placing the order via making the reservation through this website the Customer declares to have perused, understood and agreed to the General Conditions of Contract applicable to the use and the services of the Website as well as the Privacy Statement and agrees with all terms and provisions thereof. In the event that the Customer refuses to agree with the Rules of Privacy and this GCC no contractual relationship is established by and between the Customer and the Website.
6.    By way of using the Website and the placement of the order the Customer simultaneously states to have reached the age of 18 and that it is fully aware of and accepts the limitations of making purchases via the internet.
7.    This GCC is a public document. The Website deems it particularly important and uses its best endeavors to ensure that Customers are fully aware of these terms and conditions prior to entering into any contract with the Website.
8.    Unauthorized use of trademarks, images, texts and other proprietary content used in the Website is strictly forbidden. Any such unauthorized use may lead to criminal and civil law sanctions. The use of any trademark, image, text and other proprietary content is subject to a written consent thereto.
9.    The Website uses all reasonable efforts to ensure the accuracy of the data contained in the Website, however, the Website shall not assume responsibility for potentially inaccurate or incorrect data or potential errors in the User Manual of the Website, errors of the IT system responsible for the operation of the Website nor any damages arising from such incidents or any content that is accessible through links from the Website.

2. Products and services, subject matter of the contract

1.    This Website offers the sale and reservation of guided tours and presentation of pieces of art.  The ticket, service and product portfolio (i.e. guided tours to visit pieces of visual art, gastronomy programs, paintings) that can be ordered by Customers are displayed on the Website whereas the specification and price of the individual product/service is available by way of clicking on the respective item. Images of products are for illustration purposes only and may be different from the actual product.
2.    The price of products are provided in Hungarian Forints (HUF) and include VAT. You may obtain further information on unpriced items by way of  contacting the Website staff via clicking on the “I am interested” button and filling in a contact form.
3.    The Website reserves the right to modify the scope and price of products and such changes take effect upon their disclosure on the Website.
3. Reservation process and the conclusion of the contract by the Parties

1.    Reservations can be made in accordance with the process described herein.

2.    Reservations can only be made upon provision of the Customer’s email address. The Website shall not assume liability for potentially false data provided during the ordering process. The Website reserves the right to ascertain the authenticity of the data provided by the Customer/Buyer during the purchase and registration process through validating its email address. In the event that the validation is unsuccessful the Website reserves the right to cancel the order and to rescind the provision of further services.
3.    The Customer/Buyer may reserve a place in the advertised tour by clicking on the “booking” button next to the description of the tour. Reservations can be submitted via clicking on the date selected in the calendar, filling in the respective fields and perusing/accepting the general contract terms.
4.    The reservation is confirmed via email that contains all necessary information for the tour. If the Customer finds the data correct and compliant with its intent the reservation can be confirmed by way of clicking on the confirmation link. Our company is informed on the reservation via email. The sole precondition of participating in the tour is personal appearance at the place of the tour and payment of the fee. Reservations are promptly processed by the Website.
5.    The Customer may make inquires on products and services to the Website’s customer service via email or telephone. When making your inquiries, please indicate your order number (indicated in  the automated confirmation email).
6.    The Website shall promptly inform the Customer if the ordered product or service – or any part thereof – are not available (e.g. if there are no vacancies or the tour is cancelled). The Website shall notify the Customer on such changes via email at the latest within 2 (two) workdays upon placement of the order and the Customer may inform the Website within 2 (two) workdays upon receipt of the notification whether it accepts the product or service as a contractual delivery under the new terms and conditions or wishes to cancel the order. Upon payment an invoice will be released to the Customer at the place of delivery of the service.

4. Terms of payment

1.    The Customer shall pay the price of ordered product(s) or service(s) in HUF currency, in one amount, without any deduction or setoff.
2.    The Customer shall pay the purchase price of the product or service in cash or with bank card (if the latter is feasible) at the time of the use of the service or receipt of the product in return of a receipt or invoice.
3.    The Website will accept no other type of payment or payment term.
4.    Solely Consumers (the term “consumer” is interpreted in accordance with Paragraph 8:1.(1) 3. of Act 2013. of V. on the Hungarian Civil Code) are entitled to exercise the right of cancellation. Such cancellations can be made within 14 days upon making the purchase. If the Customer/Buyer wishes to exercise the right of rescission/cancellation such notices shall be sent electronically to the customer service’s email address: [email protected]
5.    Further rights of the Customer to rescind/cancel the order are specified in Government Decree 45/2014. (II.26.) on the detailed rules of agreements made by and between consumers and businesses.

5. Miscellaneous provisions

1.    The Service Provider reserves the right to cancel the provision of the service in the case of a Force Majeure event (natural disaster, epidemic, illness, terrorist threat, etc.) or the insufficient number of participants.  In such cases the Customer/Buyer is entitled to the future use of the services of the Website in the same value or the Service Provider compensates the damage of the Customer/Buyer up to the value of the service.
2.    Participants take part in the Service Provider’s programs at their own risk. Minors under the age of 14 may only take part in the programs under parental control.
3.    The Service Provider reserves the right to inquire the age of potential participants and prohibit the participation of persons under the age of 18 if the program involves consuming alcoholic beverages.
4.    The Service Provider may cancel the provision of the service if the Customer/Buyer is under the influence of alcohol or drugs or his/her behavior disturbs the program.
5.    The Service Provider shall not be held liable if the buildings visited during the program are not equipped with facilities for people with physical disability.
6.    It is not forbidden to take pets to the programs, however, the Service Provider shall not be held liable for potentially restrictive rules applicable to the visited sights.
7.    The Service Provider or its agent may take photographs, films and may use the images/video for their own purposes. By way of applying to participate the program the participants grant their consent to being photographed / filmed thus the Service Provider is not obliged to request their separate consent.
6. Closing Provisions

1.    Matters not regulated in this GCC shall be subject to the provisions of Act 2013. of V. on the Hungarian Civil Code, Act CVIII. of 2001 on Electronic Commerce, Government Decree 45/2014. (II.26.) on the detailed rules of agreements made by and between consumers and businesses, Decree 19/2014. (IV.29.) of the Ministry for National Economy on the procedural rules of warranty and guarantee claims pertaining to items sold by way of a contract made by and between consumers and businesses as well as other effective Hungarian laws.
2.    This General Conditions of Contract shall take effect on the date of their publication on the Website and remain effective until revoked.
3.    The Website is entitled to unilaterally amend this GCC at its sole discretion. Such amendments shall take effect when published on the Website. The Service Provider agrees that the unilateral amendment of the contractual terms and conditions shall not result in less favorable conditions for Customer(s)/Buyer(s) whose orders have been placed and are being processed.
4.    The invalidity or ineffectiveness of any provision of this General Conditions of Contract shall not render the entire contract invalid.
5.    In the event of potential legal disputes in relation to products, services and purchases made through the Website as well as this GCC or any part thereof the laws of Hungary shall prevail.
6.    Should users or Customers of this Website have any further questions or inquiries on this General Conditions of Contract or the terms of the use of the Website or ordered products, they are requested to contact the Website’s customer service at the following email address: [email protected]
7.    Customers complaints on the operation of the Website or its products and services can be reported to the Arbitration Board competent at the place of their residence or the Consumer Protection Inspectorate (1052 Budapest, Városház u. 7.).