Resident Art Showroom guide – IV.

Saturday July 16th, 2016

A calm riverbank without any figures. Peaceful, equal light-environment, a stillness before the storm. The abandoned landscape could be similar to this millieu when nobody is looking at it, and nobody is walking among its trees. The grey sky is reflected on the surface of the water and paint it grey or the other way round the wather is reflected in the sky and makes the clouds grey. The meeting of the reed and trees in front of the grey homogenous layer splits the surface of the painting in such a sculptoresc way that we can almost feel the sharp leaves of the reed on our skin, and we almost hear the smooth whispering of the poplar trees. The landscape-like feeling and the depth of space is created by the smart use of the painterly tools. Although the upper and the lower part of the painting is painted with the same grey nuance, the painter dosen’t use tonicity or shades, still the scenery gives us a spacious feeling and the landscape appears in our mind. Apparently Zsolt Varga creates his paintings based on our prelearned schemes and confronts us with our visual preconceptions.

[Zsolt Varga: “444205” – acrylic, wooden board; 42×44 cm, 2015.]