New Kids on the Wall – Christmas Resident Art Fair catalogue published for 2023

Monday December 4th, 2023

New Kids on the Wall – Christmas Resident Art Fair 2023
14-22 December 2023 (1085 Budapest, Horánszky street 5. I. floor)
open: Monday-Friday 12 am – 7 pm, Saturday & Sunday 10 am – pm
curators: János Schneller & Ákos Bánki

Browse online the catalogue >> HERE
Download pdf >> HERE

Debuting in 2018, the Resident Art Fair is now in its ninth year. As the title of the fair suggests, the curators, Ákos Bánki and János Schneller, have focused on emerging artists. In addition to the regular exhibitors, they have invited nearly 40 new exhibitors, most of whom have never been to a fair before and most of whom are making their debut in the contemporary art market, i.e. just starting their careers. The fair is an opportunity for young people to showcase their work and sell it.
In contrast to previous years, the 250-page online catalogue clearly features a greater number of figurative tendencies this year, although in many cases abstraction and figuration cannot be clearly separated on canvas. In addition to grotesque figures, visions inherited from the world of street art and bizarre imagery, many reflect on the visual phenomena of technical innovations in digital imaging, while others make use of the vision of familiar trends in art history. Many of the works are characterised by a strong, sometimes garish use of colour, fragmentation, collage-like composition and a strong presence of intervisuality. Taken as a whole, the catalogue is a very diverse selection, characterised most of all by a boldness of exploration and a sense of quality.

Who is the fair for? For all those who want to gain an insight into the world of contemporary painting and see a rich immersion in the art of the young and emerging generation. For anyone who wants to get in touch with contemporary art. For anyone who wants to experience original, contemporary artwork instead of dozens of posters, or who wants to give the gift of an original, life-changing Christmas experience.
“Our fairs are all about discovery, introduction and reaching a new generation of art lovers and art consumers. Over the past five years, we have discovered many emerging talents who have debuted and sold their first artwork here – many of whom are now important participants in the contemporary art scene. On the other hand, many young art lovers have bought their first artwork here. That is what we are most proud of.” – say the curators