“My Art is primarily based on the painting traditions of the American Abstract expressionism, the Modernism of the Second World War, as well as on local Hungarian painting traditions, and it can also be rooted back into existential philosophy. My main goal is to search and achieve full abstraction in my works of art.
The main theme of my first complete series of work ‘Psychological space’, which evolved at the beginning of the 2000′, still appears in my art up to these days. The ‘Psychological Space’ series refers to the inner power, and to the theoretical and philosophical systems of Modern painting, which I have learned from the lectures of my masters; Sándor Molnár and Tamás Lossonczy. Two of my other big series the ‘Soulflower’ and ‘The Dream of Dionysos’ where also born from the transformation of the above mentioned ‘Psychological Space’ series. These series are the projections of the psychological presence and personal gestures as well.
The fluctuation of intuitive gestures, incidents and consciously made incidents rule my works. In my pictures I discover the limits of Abstraction and my own self. An Egoless painterly path leads me, which becomes Art throughout the layers painted at different times in the process of creation. The brush resonates on the canvas’ membrane, and records the movements of the brush holder. The gesture records the moment. The Here and Now becomes a color patch. The existence, the physical existence itself becomes a trackable imprint, a paintpatch on the canvas. The conscious and the unconscious movement, the meditative concentration manifests on the brush, and on the surface of the canvas.
The big size paintings are always accompanied by the series of smaller graphics, which can be defined conceptually as the pre and post studies of the big ones. With these graphical and the photographical series, I consciously expand my limitations as a painter. By the studies of these limitations, my Art aims the state of full abstraction.”

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